How to achieve data consistency in HBase?

In HBase, data consistency is primarily achieved through the following methods:

  1. HBase utilizes the Write Ahead Log (WAL) to log changes in data. This means that before writing data, it is first recorded in the WAL to ensure data reliability. In case of a failure, data can be recovered by replaying the WAL, thus ensuring data consistency.
  2. HBase utilizes Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) to manage data versions, enabling support for multiple concurrent read and write operations. Through version management, data consistency between different operations can be ensured.
  3. The Zookeeper is used in HBase to coordinate the status information among nodes in the cluster, including data distribution and region load balancing. Zookeeper ensures the consistency and reliability of data.
  4. Replication: HBase supports data replication and synchronization, enabling data to be copied to different nodes or data centers to ensure data availability and durability, thereby achieving data consistency.

By using the combination and coordination of the above methods, HBase can achieve data consistency, ensuring the reliability and integrity of the data.

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