How can Oracle import an Excel file into a table?

Importing an Excel file into a table in Oracle typically requires using external tools or developing custom programs using PL/SQL. One common method is as follows:

  1. Save the Excel file as a CSV format, so that it can be easily imported into Oracle database.
  2. Import a CSV file using the SQLLoader tool is a provided by Oracle to import data into a table. This tool works by creating a control file to specify the format of the data file and the structure of the target table, then using SQL*Loader to load the data file into the table.
  3. One option is to develop custom programs using PL/SQL to import Excel files into tables. The UTL_FILE package in PL/SQL can be used to read data from CSV files and insert it into the target table using INSERT statements.

In general, all of these methods require some work to prepare the data and write the code, but they can all be used to import Excel files into Oracle tables. The choice of method depends on the specific situation and personal preferences.

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