How can I use umount to unmount a file system on Linux?

To unmount a file system using the umount command on Linux, first make sure that the file system is not in use. Here are the steps to unmount a file system using the umount command on Linux:

  1. Open the terminal window.
  2. Check the currently mounted file systems using the following command:
df -h
  1. Locate the file system to be uninstalled and take note of its Mount Point.
  2. Uninstall the file system using the following command:
sudo umount /path/to/mountpoint

Alternatively, you can use the following command to forcibly uninstall the file system:

sudo umount -l /path/to/mountpoint

Please ensure to save and close all files and processes on the filesystem before using the umount command to unmount it. If the filesystem is still in use and cannot be unmounted normally, you can try using the -l option to force the unmount.

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