How can I update the graphics card driver on Ubuntu?

There are several ways to update the graphics card driver in the Ubuntu system.

  1. Utilize the “Additional Drivers” tool: In the “Software & Updates” settings, select the “Additional Drivers” tab, where the system will list available graphics card drivers. Choose the driver you want to install or update, then click the “Apply Changes” button to install it.
  2. Update drivers using PPA source: Some graphics card drivers may not be available in Ubuntu’s default software source. You can add a third-party PPA source, like “graphics-drivers/ppa,” to access the latest graphics card drivers. Then install or update the drivers using the command line.
  3. You can also download the corresponding Linux version of the driver installation package from the official website of the graphics card manufacturer and then install the driver through the command line.

It is recommended to back up system data before updating graphics card drivers in any way to avoid any unexpected situations.

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