How can Docker containers communicate between different hosts?

The inter-communication between different hosts in Docker can be achieved through several methods, such as:

  1. Utilizing Docker Swarm: Docker Swarm is an official container orchestration tool provided by Docker, which allows running Docker containers on multiple hosts and enabling communication between them. By creating a Swarm cluster and adding different hosts to it, container communication and interconnection can be achieved.
  2. Utilizing Docker Networking: Docker offers various networking modes such as bridge, host, overlay, etc. By creating Docker networks, it is possible to establish network connections between containers running on different hosts, enabling communication between containers.
  3. Using Docker Compose: Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running Docker applications with multiple containers. It allows for defining connections and communication rules between multiple containers by writing a docker-compose.yml file, and enables container communication across different hosts when starting container groups with Docker Compose.
  4. Utilizing Docker plugins: Docker offers various third-party plugins and tools such as Weave, Calico, etc., which can facilitate container communication and network connectivity between different hosts. These plugins can provide more flexible and advanced network functionalities like cross-host container communication, load balancing, etc.
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