How can data be passed between controls in WinForms?

In WinForms, there are various ways to implement data transfer between controls, here are some commonly used methods:

  1. “Use a public variable: Define a public variable in the Form class so that other controls can directly access and modify this variable, enabling data transfer.”
  2. Usage of events: an event can be defined within a control, triggered at the necessary data transferring point, and subscribed to by other controls to achieve data transfer.
  3. Using delegates: Define a delegate type, and define a delegate object where data needs to be passed. Other controls can pass the data to this delegate object to achieve data transfer.
  4. By using binding, you can synchronize data in real-time by binding the properties of one control to the properties of another control.
  5. By using the messaging mechanism, you can achieve data transfer between different forms in WinForms by utilizing Application.OpenForms and Form.Tag properties.

The above are some commonly used methods, the specific choice of which depends on the specific needs and scenarios.

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