How are JSON and XML data types handled in PostgreSQL?

In PostgreSQL, JSON and XML data types can be used to store and manipulate data in the respective formats.

Handle JSON data type

  1. Create a table called “table_name” with a column named “data_column” that stores JSON data.
  2. Add a new entry to the table with the specified data column value.
  3. Retrieve all rows from the table where the value in the data_column key matches the specified value.
  4. Update the table by adding a new key-value pair to the existing data column.

Manage XML data types.

  1. Create a table named table_name with a column named data_column of data type XML.
  2. Add the value ‘value’ into the specified data column of the table named table_name.
  3. Retrieve all rows from the table where the data in the specified column matches the provided value.
  4. Modify the data_column in the table_name to have the value ‘new_value‘.

It is important to note that when dealing with JSON and XML data types, it is necessary to ensure that the input data format conforms to the corresponding JSON and XML formats. Additionally, PostgreSQL also provides some built-in functions and operators to facilitate manipulation and querying of JSON and XML data.

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