Develop a lottery program using VB6.0.

Here is an example code of a simple lottery program developed using VB6.0.

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Randomize ' 初始化随机数生成器
End Sub

Private Sub btnDraw_Click()
    Dim participants() As String
    Dim winnerIndex As Integer
    ' 假设有以下参与者
    participants = Split("张三,李四,王五,赵六,陈七", ",")
    ' 生成随机数来选择中奖者
    winnerIndex = Int(Rnd * UBound(participants) + 1)
    ' 显示中奖者
    MsgBox "中奖者是:" & participants(winnerIndex - 1)
End Sub

In the above code, we initialize the random number generator by calling Randomize in the form’s Load event. Then, we define an array of participants that includes some names of people participating in the lottery. When the user clicks the button btnDraw, we randomly select a winner by generating a random number and use MsgBox to display the winner’s name.

Please note that this is just a simple example program that you can modify and expand according to your needs.

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